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Lead in older paint is a significant concern, mostly because children will put just about anything in their mouths.  Whether they're playing with chip of paint that flaked off the wall or they're cutting their teeth on the crib you bought at a yard sale, there's a good chance that they could eat the paint. While paint isn't one of the major food groups, it isn't really a problem unless it's from an older-type product that contained lead.  So, if you suspect something could have been painted before 1978, refinish it or get rid of it.
lead paint testing in Hot Springs, AR
lead paint testing in Little Rock, AR
Lead in paint on the walls isn't the only concern; lead can also find its way into soils from a variety of sources.

The site of an old junkyard could have a variety of contaminants, including lead, and kids playing in the dirt there could be exposed. The same goes for a target range, a battery storage area, or even a site where old buildings were demolished.  It's a good idea to test the soils on these type of properties or anywhere you believe lead or asbestos might be present, then clear areas that have hazardous levels of contamination before buying, selling, or building on the property.
Soil testing can identify the presence of hazardous levels of lead and other materials. 
lead paint testing in Arkansas
We've worked for all kinds of companies, organizations, and government entities.  We do a great deal of work for schools and military bases, as well as private industries and individuals.
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