Compliance & Permitting

Environmental Compliance and Permitting

Environmental Compliance is a broad term that can include everything from Air Permitting and Wetlands to NEPA and Hazardous Waste Management - and everything in between. Simply knowing which environmental regulations your company must comply with can be hard to figure out. We make it easy. We take the guesswork out of compliance. We identify your facility or project’s regulatory requirements, handle any permitting you need, then set up easy-to-follow programs, guidelines, forms, and tracking systems for you to use.

Environmental Compliance and Permitting Little Rock Arkansas

Regulatory agencies that ATOKA routinely works with include the following:

ATOKA provides assistance with local, state, national, and international permitting and regulatory compliance requirements for air, water, soils, wastes, hazardous materials, and other areas, including: EPCRA, SARA Title III, Toxic Release Inventory, Form R or A, CERCLA, RCRA, CAA, CWA, NPDES, SWPPP, COE 404 Permitting, SPCC, NEPA, SEPA.

Water and Soil

ATOKA’s environmental engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, microbiologists, and environmental scientists are ready to assist you in solving all your water quality, compliance, and permitting issues. Some projects require the sampling of subsurface waters, surface waters, and/or soils to determine or monitor site characteristics. The installation of groundwater monitoring wells is often a part of this process and generally includes the collection of soil samples and subsequent water level and quality measurements. Our registered professional geologists and hydrogeologists manage and direct the well installation, hiring or directing contractors as needed. They also collect or direct the collection of required samples and monitor the process to be sure the installation meets the required standards. If unexpected conditions are identified, our registered professionals are onsite and ready to act to keep the project moving forward. ATOKA provides full service NPDES permitting and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), including helping you develop Best Management Practices (BMP). If you have water quality or suspected contamination issues, ATOKA offers complete site assessment and characterization services. We also have an in-house analytical lab for specialized testing, and we work with local and certified labs as needed.

Air Quality

Air quality is important to us all, and we do our part to help companies identify and limit their emissions wherever possible. We help companies find ways to utilize and permit the latest technologies to reduce pollutant outputs, which also reduce regulatory requirements while protecting the air we breathe. In general, air regulations apply to stationary sources that have the potential to emit any federally regulated air pollutant threshold. We work with companies to determine if the regulations apply, what the sources are, and how we can work with your facility to best meet the Clean Air Act requirements. Whether the facility falls under the Title V, NESHAP, (MACT), Minor Source, or other pollutant criteria rules, the ATOKA team can help you meet federal and state permitting and the ongoing compliance requirements.

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