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Quality Control, Investigation, & Analyses

HACCP Inspections & Sampling
In the food industry, quality is everything.  You've got to keep the food ingredients fresh every step of the way- from processing to packaging to storage and transportation- all the way to the store shelves. And as Quality Control Manager knows, the best offense is a good defense.  We know it too. 

We also know that sometimes even the best of systems and defensive strategies develop a weak link.  If products aren't meeting expectations on the back end, it probably means that the cleaning and sanitizing measures aren't doing their job on the front end.  That's where we can help.

Our experienced "outside eyes" can ferret out pockets of contamination.  We'll also help you enhance your Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Program to help control contaminants.
Food Quality Control & Investigation in Hot Springs, AR
Food Quality Control & Investigation in Little Rock, AR
As part of the sanitation monitoring program, ATOKA uses conventional swab testing for quality assurance testing.  But really, it's our experience that takes our survey monitoring to the next level. We'll help develop your MIcro-Plan as well. 
  • HACCP Inspections & Reviews
  • Sensory Panel Evaluation
  • Sanitation & Plant Inspections
  • QA/QC Testing
  • Full-Service Microbiology Lab
  • Shelf-Life Studies
  • Challenge Studies
  • Spoilage & Pathogen Screens
  • Toxins & Plant Diseases
  • Statistically Accurate Taste Test Studies
  • Aerobic Plate Counts
  • Coliform/E. Coli Counts
  • Yeast & Mold Counts
  • Bacteria & Mold Identification
  • Algae Counts & Identification
  • Fecal Streptococcus Counts
  • Microscopic Identification
  • Pathogen Detection
  • Salmonella Identification
  • Kaufman-White Species Sero-typing Scheme

Shelf-Life Studies

Food Quality Control & Investigation in Arkansas
The extended shelf-life or "lasting quality" of food product depends both on the potential environmental conditions under which the product will be exposed and the "built-in" or additive components enhancing the the quality of the product.  The point where the product should no longer be sold to the consumer is the shelf-life of that product.  The conditions dictating loss of quality may include an unacceptable loss in nutrient value, an undesirable change in flavor, color, or taste and the development of an undesirable of texture.

Conventional means of determining shelf-life can take 12-24 months, which is a long time to wait to know whether something is working or not.  Accelerated shelf-life testing, or ALST, is an acceptable scientific means predict shelf-life of food products under storage conditions that accelerate the rate of deterioration.  ATOKA designs and implements ASLT studies for food manufacturers to help predict, develop, and finalize accurate shelf-life.  If you want to get technical about it, we collect data and apply them to a kinetic plot (Arrhenius Model) for determining the point at which deterioration will commence and at a significantly reduced time. 
We help you save time, help you save money, and help you develop a better product.

Sensory Evaluation of Foods

Simply put, we do taste testing.
New product "ready-to-serve" formulations destined for consumer consumption are often evaluated for regional taste studies where product acceptance must pass certain criteria before introduction to the marketplace.  Those criteria are developed and are unique for evaluating the multiple sensory attributes among 25-50 selected individuals representing the demographic distribution in a particular locale.

Once the methods of evaluation have been selected, the panel is trained and asked to provide scaled opinions of a particular product compared to a standard and guided by a specific questionnaire.  Results are tabulated and statistically evaluated by means of selected methods (nonparametric, binomial-based, or analysis of variance) that best approximate the sensory test protocol. 
Scientific methods, tasty results.
food service technology in Little Rock, AR
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