Lab Services

Laboratory Services

Quality Control & Pathogen Testing
ATOKA provides a comprehensive list of microbiological tests for the environmental and food industries who desire to monitor for health & safety in manufacturing plants, food product liability issues, building related illnesses associated with poor indoor air quality (IAQ), or forensic investigations.  
  • Mold Testing 
  • Food Plant HACCP Evaluation & Testing 
  • Cosmetics 
  • Forensic Investigations 
  • Food Products & Spoilage
  • Water & Waste Water
  • Poultry & Poultry Houses • Indoor Air Quality
  • Legionella
Lab Services in Little Rock
AOAC PT LAB #93371
We provide the following laboratory services:
  • Semi-Automated Laboratory Screening 
    • E. coli O157:H7 
    • Salmonella 
    • Staph aureus
    • Listeria 
  • Mold Counts and Identification 
  • Pathogen Screening & Identification 
  • Biofouling in Water Systems 
  • Treatability Studies – Hazardous Waste 
  • Sensory Evaluation of Foods / Shelf-Life Studies 
  • Salmonella Sero-typing and Speciation 
  • Spore Trap and Biotape Analysis
environmental monitoring & testing, little rock
Environmental Monitoring & Testing
ATOKA’s Laboratory Division is an environmental/food testing laboratory designed to provide the latest technology for the detection and identification of environmentally important microbes for indoor air quality, blackwater events, animal health and human forensics, food spoilage and pathogen detection.

ATOKA personnel are skilled and certified to conduct investigations outside the laboratory as well as in-house laboratory investigations and diagnostic assessments. ATOKA uses test methods from FDA, APHA, ASTM, USP, AOAC, DBI.

Water Quality Investigations

Important bacteria found in water treatment and distribution systems, cooling and boiler waters, “frac” water and plugging of wells and distribution systems may be caused by “iron and sulfur bacteria” and other resident bacteria populations acting in synergy to form slime layers in such systems. With these conditions existing, the results may result in rusty water, tuberculation of pipes with attendant corrosion, odor, taste, frothing, color and turbidity increases in water.  
  • Iron bacteria 
  • Sulfur bacteria
  • Pseudomonas
  • Acid Producing bacteria 
  • Heterotrophic Aerobic bacteria 
  • E. coli / Total Coliforms 
ATOKA can provide a treatment scheme for arresting biofouling problems
Environmental, Food Safety, & Industrial Testing
Food safety & testing
ATOKA Laboratory provides state-of-the–art technology and instrumentation for testing.  
  • 3M Tecra™ VIA Test System 
  • ASTM Methodology for Testing Mold Resistance of Paper & Paperboard, Drywall, Plywood, and Particle Board  
  • FDA/AOAC/APHA Standard Methods 
  • Microgen Immuno-Assay Methods 
  • Certified Mycologist Spore Trap and Biotape Specialty (PAACB #05150160) 
  • Litigation Services
Environmental Food & Industrial Services
  • OSHA–Workplace Compliance Monitoring/Hazardous Exposures
  • Bioaerosol Monitoring 
  • HACCP Inspections & HACCP Plans – Food Manufacturing Plants
  • Biofouling–Municipal Water Supplies, Wells, Cooling Systems and Cutting Fluids, “Frac Water” 
  • Treatability Studies–Environmentally challenged soils/groundwater 
  • Land Farm Design and Permitting 
  • Site Remediation 
  • Shelf-Life & Challenge Studies–Pre-Market Food Product Evaluations 
  • Sensory Evaluation of Food Products  
  • Industrial Hygiene Sampling 
  • Cosmetic Analysis 
  • Mold Testing & Identification Indoor Air Quality 
  • Food Spoilage/Forensic Investigations/Litigation Support

Food and Industrial Laboratory Services in Little Rock & Hot Springs

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