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What is asbestos?  How can you tell if you have it?  If so, then what?

asbestos surveying, Hot Springs AR
Asbestos can be in a lot of things such as ceiling tiles, floor tiles, insulation, and old house siding just to name a few.  It is important to understand that you could have asbestos present without it being an immediate problem or health risk.
asbestos surveying, Little Rock AR
Asbestos-containing materials, or ACMs, are not health hazards until they become "friable" or crumbled.  The reason that's a problem is because when ACMs become friable they can release asbestos fibers that become airborne and can be breathed into the lungs where the fibers become caught and cause problems.
Our experienced and certified professionals can quickly identify and document hazardous levels of ACMs, provide AutoCAD drawings of exact locations, work out a plan for abatement and see you through to a clean and healthy site.
For example, asbestos floor tiles that are undamaged with no friable characteristics would not be an immediate health hazard.  However, if you wanted to remove the floor during renovation it would be a problem and appropriate mitigation and management measures would need to be used.
In general, if you plan to impact suspect asbestos materials in any way during renovation, restoration, or demolition activities, you need to consult with a trained and certified asbestos professional.
Because ACMs can be difficult to identify, it's best to have a certified asbestos inspector provide assistance.  The material in the picture at right presents a suspect ACM that turned out not to be asbestos.  Our certified inspector evaluated the material and conducted appropriate testing, which gave the buyer the information they needed to make an informed decision for managing an ACM on the property.
asbestos, LIttle Rock AR
In general, if you have a structure built prior to 1985, there is a potential for ACMs to be present.  An asbestos survey is recommended before renovation and is required by law prior to demolition.  Our experienced asbestos professionals can identify and collect samples of suspected ACMs, provide laboratory testing for confirmation, and provide design and management services.
Our certified asbestos design and project managers will help you make the healthiest and most economical choices for your project.
We follow EPA/AHERA, OSHA, NESHAPS, and DOT guidelines.
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